In Detail: The Linen Suit - Cover

In Detail: The Linen Suit

We love functional fabrics, and are always thinking about how to put linen’s unique characteristics to the best use possible in a way that doesn’t limit its wearability to summer vacations and weddings.

This season we chose to make suit separates using a beautiful Italian-made irregular linen. At a heavier weight than you might normally see, it feels tougher with a soft grittiness in a neutral color. The jacket is characterized by a slightly oversized fit, and when it’s combined with the matching set of pants with a built-in belt, you get a suit that feels like more than a sum of its parts - as all the best suits do.

Making linen look cool is a huge victory - not easy to do - but we just might have done it. Sometimes you set out to make something, it comes out, and it's just good. It's hard to say why but it ultimately fits perfectly into a stylistic choice, or a kind of uniform of how you want to be perceived. And after months of not caring as much or feeling lazy about getting dressed, this suit has certainly shifted our mentality.

NOAH - SS22 - Linen Shirting - 02 NOAH - SS22 - Linen Shirting - 03
NOAH - SS22 - Linen Shirting - 04
NOAH - SS22 - Linen Shirting - 05 NOAH - SS22 - Linen Shirting - 06