In Detail: Short Sleeve Flannel - Cover

In Detail: Short Sleeve Flannel

Flannel is often associated with the coming of autumn and winter, and rightly so--it's a warm, cozy fabric that keeps you comfortable when temperatures drop. But for us, it can live well beyond the days of snow and freezing rain. When produced in slightly lighter weights, flannel can be just as useful the rest of the year. When I set out to make a short-sleeved flannel shirt for spring/summer, the team here at Noah was wondering what the hell I was doing. Once they saw it in person, however, they understood.

Anyone who has spent time near the sea, or in the outdoors in general, can verify that temperatures can change dramatically, even in warmer months. Having gear capable of managing varying conditions is essential. Though this shirt may seem simple, its loft makes it a viable summer piece, while its flannel construction means it can trap a bit of heat when necessary. When the collar is worn open, the shirt breathes easily, but buttoning the loop closure allows you to take advantage of its insulating power. If the temperature really drops, it makes a perfect layering piece over a long-sleeve tee or thermal top, and lends extra warmth to your core. 

There's no high technology here, just a simple application of a classic fabric that provides a bit of extra effectiveness when conditions call for it.