In Detail: Shoes of Noah - Cover

In Detail: Shoes of Noah

We love sneakers as much as anybody, but there are times when only shoes will do, and Noah has released three styles this season worth a closer look. The starting point for each of these is quality and durability -- they're made in either the U.S. or England, and feature time-honored techniques like hand-stitching and Goodyear welting. Add top-notch materials, intriguing color choices and subtle styling cues, and you've got a capsule footwear collection that illustrates our aptitude for reimagining iconic silhouettes and injecting them with new energy.

Penny Loafer

Ever since George Bass fatefully added a decorative leather strap across the vamp of a pair of Weejuns, the Penny Loafer has achieved a level of unrivaled popular versatility. What other shoe looks as natural with a suit as it does with a pair of deck shorts? Hand-stitched in the U.S. in Horween Chromexcel leather. We also did it our own way, in burly oxblood or ballsy Kelly Green. The secret of these two shades is the enduring influence of the Doc Martens' aesthetic. Didn't think a Penny Loafer could be punk rock? Think again.

George Cox Pop Boy

George Cox is a British shoemaker whose styles were first associated with the Teddy Boy subculture of 1950's London, when Edwardian tailoring collided with Rock & Roll. Cox shoes have enjoyed multiple resurgences in music and fashion since, and remain an accessible staple of alternative style. We love the simple lines of the Pop Boy, but wanted to free it from its typical dark hues. The results are three pastel colorways that transform the model into a go-to piece of summer footwear. The cushy crepe sole (which is Goodyear welted and hand-wrapped) makes it as comfortable as any sneaker, but the clean pastel suede means it can be effortlessly dressed up.

Noah x Sperry Top-Sider

Top-Siders were ubiquitous when we were growing up, and it stuck with us that we saw them everywhere from Ska shows to the decks of sailboats. We kept this in mind when we created the Mahogany, Regatta blue and Pink Suede versions of the shoe for our collaboration with Sperry. The first two are made of Horween Chromexcel, and we were lucky enough to find the Pink Suede sitting on a shelf in a tannery. Its luxurious hand and dusty shade were so appealing we even used it on the insoles of the Mahogany. These are handmade in Maine, and we’re as proud of the craftsmanship as we are of the exclusive colors.