In Detail: Reversible Jacket - Cover

In Detail: Reversible Jacket

This fall, Noah has created a Reversible Coaches’ Jacket featuring two notable Scottish fabrics. The first is Kynoch wool, whose bespoke jacketing has been a staple of British outerwear for centuries. The second is Halley Stevensons’ Superdry cotton, a lightweight, unwaxed alternative to their historic line of waxed cottons. The result is a nimble dichotomy of form and function: elegant plaid wool on one side, sporty, water-resistant cotton on the other.

Cashmere/Wool: Kynoch employs twist yarns in the manufacture of its wool fabrics, which enhance their strength, add subtle color variations, and contribute to the smoothness of their hand. Advanced weaving techniques produce a refined level of structure and softness combined with lightweight warmth. We've chosen a supple wool-and-cashmere blend in three plaids: Khaki, which features vibrant, gingham-like contrast; Black, whose name belies its muted, geometric palate of greens, reds and blues; and Charcoal, whose dark tweed pattern is so subtle as to appear almost solid. Each of these offers a level of tactile and visual elegance rarely seen outside the realm of suits and overcoats.

Water-Resistant Cotton:  In addition to its technical prowess, the slim profile of Halley-Stevenson’s Superdry Cotton lent itself to the reversible concept. It’s svelte enough to back the wool while keeping the overall profile trim, and pliable enough to ensure easy transitions from one side to the other. We took advantage of sporty Sky Blue and Canary Yellow to add athletic pop to the Khaki and Black plaids, but chose classic Black to honor the understatement of the Charcoal.

As we’ve mentioned before, we’re often energized by the idea of getting multiple uses out of a single garment. While a reversible jacket is a literal manifestation of this, the versatility here goes even deeper. Plaid or solid, sartorial or athletic, rain or shine, Noah’s Reversible Coaches’ Jacket is a truly innovative evolution of a classic.