Noah - In Detail: Paisley Puffer Jacket 1

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: we're not a sustainable brand. But, with the addition of Econyl recycled nylon, our Paisley Cashball Puffer Jacket is almost entirely recycled and cruelty-free. Sometimes you get lucky and find a way to produce a piece of outerwear using sustainable materials that reinforce each others' strengths.

Cashball is a down-like fill made of 95% pre-consumer recycled cashmere. It's both animal-and-environment-friendly, since cashmere is a humanely harvested material, and Cashball is made from the otherwise-wasted leftovers of the refining process. Like down, it's lightweight and compressible, but performs better in wet conditions and doesn’t lose its shape.

Noah - In Detail: Paisley Puffer Jacket 2

Econyl is a tough nylon fabric made from synthetic waste (such as industrial plastic and fishing nets) recovered from landfills and oceans around the globe. Not only is it sustainable, it’s hard-wearing, resilient, and top-quality.

Together, these two materials combine to make a puffer jacket that's a vast improvement on the status quo, without sacrificing cold-weather utility. Made in Italy, it features a vibrant Paisley pattern to emphasize the fact that it's not your average puffer.

Noah - In Detail: Paisley Puffer Jacket 3