Noah - In Detail: Lightweight Flannel 1

This season, Noah's Lightweight Flannel defies the genre conventions of this fabric. It doesn't feature woodsy patterns, a fall color palette, or an outdoorsy vibe.

Instead, we opted for a beautiful, oversized pastel plaid in a custom, highly-brushed twill from Portugal. The quality of its yarn means it will last for years, like great flannel should. The solid weave and brushed surface gives the fabric enough cozy loft that it will actually keep you warm, while the cotton remains light enough to carry over into summer.

Mark Twain said, "In the spring, I have counted 136 kinds of weather inside 24 hours." So have we–or at least an entire year's worth of weather in a single season. Choosing the right clothing for days that can see giant temperature swings is a fine art, and our Lightweight Flannel is the solution. It won't be overbearing when things warm up midday, but it will be substantial enough to actually create warmth when the sun hides behind the clouds, or goes down early in the evening.

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