In Detail: Flannel Running Short - Cover

In Detail: Flannel Running Short

Something has happened that I never could have expected. Running somehow became cool. It used to be for the strangest people, the individuals who for some reason found it enjoyable to be alone and run for the sake of running. The sport was nerdy and the styling resembled that of your 9th grade science teacher. That was how it was and I didn't mind it one bit. But somewhere between then and now, people were tricked into thinking running was cool. Perfectly on cue, major apparel brands were there to capitalize. Even fashion houses started presenting athletic looks as their latest inspirations.

After years of running, I've come to a few conclusions. One of them being that my gear has to be simple and not overly technical. When I stay out for long periods of time, I'll stop for lunch or find myself having a long chat on the street, therefore what I'm wearing should be as practical in those situations as on the run itself. 
Last year, we introduced the Corduroy Winter Running Short. This year we cut a version in heavy Portuguese flannel. Both comfortable and good-looking, the flannel's weight is for colder days. A merino wool mesh lining adds comfort and warmth while managing sweat and odor. Deep on-seam pockets and a snap-closure back pocket allow for a fair amount of storage. I realize this is not for everyone, but as the temperatures drop and you'd rather not put on a long pant, this may be the perfect solution for you. They have been for me.