In Detail: Compass Jacket - Cover

In Detail: Compass Jacket

We invite you to take a closer look at our Compass Jacket, made from heavy-duty, 100% cotton canvas from Japan, and constructed in Italy. We took inspiration from classic coaches' jackets whose clean lines, simple functionality and shirt-like cut, stretch their associations far beyond college athletics. From the FBI to NWA, from skaters to teamsters, coaches' jackets evoke many corners of the cultural map. At Noah, however, we wanted to push the boundaries of this garment, and relate it to our obsession with the sea. Here's how we did it:

Canvas Construction: If you've ever set foot on a boat, it's likely you've retained a sense-memory of marine canvas. From rain and sun covers, to seat cushions and porthole curtains, it's the material of choice for anything that's not made of wood, metal, or fiberglass onboard. These days, the canvas used on boats is usually synthetic, but we found a cotton version from Japan that delivers maritime durability while being soft and light enough for everyday wear.

Classic, but Updated: We've kept the coaches' jacket's traditional features intact --
 turndown collar, elasticized cuffs, front slash pockets, drawstring hem, and snap placket -- but updated the fit to be comfortably slim.

Nautical Theme: Noah's Compass logo lends its crisp, navigational aesthetic to the chest and back graphics, and the red, yellow and navy colorways echo the vibrant motifs of maritime signal flags, whose unique language has allowed vessels of all kinds to communicate with each other for centuries at sea.
There are a lot of coaches' jackets out there, but we think the Compass Jacket is a standout. It'll take a beating but keep you looking sharp, on the water or off.

Finally, maritime signal flags are an alphabet, and each letter's military phonetic name is also associated with a specific message. We thought a few of there were worth noting:

Alpha: I have a diver down; keep well clear at low speed
Juliet: I am on fire and have dangerous cargo; keep clear.
Kilo: I wish to communicate with you.
Oscar: Man overboard
Uniform: You are running into danger
Zulu: I require a tug