In Detail: Coaches Pullover

It’s not often that you come across a new way to make a sweatshirt. We haven't, to be honest, but sometimes a memory can remind you of something long forgotten. This is the case with the collared sweat, a style worn mostly by coaches and working men.

Growing up, older guys--the ones we idolized as the best surfers at the beach--wore collared sweats, and they were usually work clothes. Painting companies, landscaping companies, electrical supply companies, boatyards, etc. would make them for their employees.

Workwear has a special place in our hearts, especially since it’s played such a role in two of our lives' biggest influences, skateboarding and hip hop. There was a time when these subcultures were ignored by the clothing industry at large, so members of each community created their own looks. In both cases, price and durability played a role, and work clothes were affordable and tough.

The irony is how influential skating and hip hop have become, with both spawning billion-dollar industries and being copied by high fashion brands worldwide. Workwear and athletic clothes, however, remain at the core of what we do at NOAH, and this sweat can comfortably walk the line between the two genres.