In Detail: Adjustable Work Pant - Cover

In Detail: Adjustable Work Pant

This season's Adjustable Work Pants were inspired by what were typically called beach pants in the mid-80's. Put out by surf or skate brands like Stussy or JIMMY'Z (which added their own touch of a Velcro waist fastener), they featured lightweight fabric (often in plaids or prints), a loose fit and an elastic waist--usually with a drawcord. They were built for comfort in the spring and summer months, whether you were skating or just lounging.

Noah's AWPs continue this tradition with one or two minor changes. We call them Work Pants because the quality of the fabric is tougher than the originals. It's light enough to wear when the temperature rises, but still a high-quality, dense twill from Japan. It's comfortable without being flimsy, and should stand the test of time.

Detail-wise, we’ve kept the elastic waist, but eliminated the drawcord, since those tended to eventually break or wear out. Instead, we added belt loops to allow them to be worn like a fixed-waist pant. A belt is optional, since the waistband should hold them up just fine on its own. For a bit of added functionality, we included a button flap on one of the back pockets, but left the other one open for easy access.