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Human Rights


In 2015, one of the things we launched NOAH with was a “HUMAN RIGHTS” tee. The shirt was the first time we decided to plant a flag, using our brand as a platform to stand for what we believe is right. This week we’re releasing another “HUMAN RIGHTS” shirt because the fight for equal human rights has come under more fire from the current administration, and the words now have a totally different context and meaning than they did just two years ago.


While PMA and the spirit of defiance found in hardcore punk music gave us the inspiration for the first “HUMAN RIGHTS” tee, perhaps now more than ever a little PMA is needed to face the powers that be. As the political power has shifted in our country, we’ve seen communities that our friends, neighbors, loved ones, and coworkers belong to come under attack. From unconstitutional immigration policies to the deliberate targeting of Hispanic-Americans communities, spikes in religious and race based hate crimes, continued police brutality and shootings, and the recent plan to ban transgender people from serving in our military. The precedent set by this administration stepping backwards in regards to human rights is worrying and frustrating to say the least. As more unjust practices come to light, we’re scared that more and more rights will continue to come under fire in the future.

Along with the shirt, we’re also releasing a sticker. Proceeds from the stickers will go directly to the American Civil Liberties Union, or ACLU, one of the longest standing legal advocates for human rights in the United States. Their work has been paramount to fighting this administration’s hateful tactics in the courts, and serving individuals and groups whose rights have come under attack.


It is unbelievable that human rights are still a topic of debate on the global and national stage. It hurts to see that we still have to stand up for things like social justice, gender equality, equal opportunity, and so many other simple dignities. Given the gravity and importance of these issues it is worth noting that wearing a shirt, putting up a sticker, or even donating to the ACLU will not be the end-all solution to this serious problem we’re facing. What will ultimately help achieve respect for one another and recognition of human rights is action. We find it is worth reminding each other that we're all capable of affecting positive change if we just put in the effort. We hope this message has the potential to get others to think about the issue, take action when they can, and have productive conversations themselves.