Human Rights Scarf - Cover

Human Rights Scarf

We've always been extremely proud of our scarves. We realize that for a lot of our customers, two hundred dollars seems incredibly expensive. But like a few other things we make that cost more, the price has to do with a level of exceptional quality and unique features that we think are worth the money.

Our scarves are made by Joshua Ellis, a mill based in the UK with 250 years in the business of Cashmere textile production. Their depth of expertise and respect for the traditions of their craft means the scarves they make for us are some of the absolute best for the price anywhere. In addition to being sturdily woven from the best raw materials, these have been specially finished to stand up to men's scruff and beards. No other scarf-maker has taken this into consideration, and it means that while most cashmere scarves will quickly pill and fray, ours will stay smooth and new-looking, even after years of use.

This season, along with our range of solid colors, we are proud to introduce the Human Rights scarf. These two words, sewn into a piece of clothing, are like a light shining in the darkness. They serve as a reminder that, while some people will continually seek ways to take advantage of others, we will continue to remind ourselves to work towards better treatment of those less fortunate than us. The strong need to protect those who have not yet found their strength, rather than scheme to exploit them. The Human Rights scarf acts as a banner and reminder of this simple, human principle, in times when it is being callously ignored around the world.