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One of the biggest sources of ocean plastic pollution is rather unexpected: your clothes. It was only discovered recently that when synthetic clothes are put through the washing machine, they release tiny microfibers that aren’t caught by either your washing machine’s filter or water treatment plants. That means your fleece, workout clothes, and other technical materials are releasing plastic into the ocean every time you wash them.

These small microfibers end up being eaten by some of the smallest organisms in the sea, putting these toxic materials at the very bottom of the food chain. Luckily, the smart folks over at Guppyfriends have developed a quick and easy fix. Until we have better washing machines and water filtration systems, they’ve developed a bag you can put your clothes made out of synthetic materials in before you wash them. The bag will catch all the fibers, and you can dispose of them properly.

Starting today, Guppyfriends washing bags are available in our New York City flagship.