Greats - Cover


NOAH wanted a shoe that would pay tribute to the influences of our past without losing its relevance to the present.  We wanted the best materials, and the best construction. 
We grew up in skate shoes: dropping into half pipes, running down hot sidewalks, and shaking the sand out from days at the beach. The skate shoe was a foundation, and we knew there was no way it couldn't be the first stop when it came to making our own shoe.  

The uppers are cut from Italian suede, and the shoes are lined with vegetable-tanned Vachetta leather. The padded collars are still there, so are the bright colorways, and in a nod to the legendary decks of the 80s, we added small "Pure Juice" tags to the ankles. These shoes are skate-inspired and Italian Made, and to make the latter possible we went to GREATS. As we've always said family is important, but our customers are paramount, and in order to make a shoe that weighed in at a price we were comfortable with and quality that we could be proud of, we knew we had to collaborate with GREATS to make it all happen. 

GREATS has pioneered a stripped down business model, which minimizes the distance between its customers and its factories. This means it can create great Italian-made shoes without either passing on high prices to its customers or sacrificing quality in its manufacturing. We hear at NOAH share the same values, and we were excited to collaborate with GREATS on this shoe. We believe in delivering exceptional products directly to our customer base, and we've long held the belief that in order to make this possible we have to be in control of the process as much as possible. We're proud to say we stand behind every one of our products, and now this is a chance to stand in them.