Free the Children Tee - Cover

Free the Children Tee

What’s being done in our name is unconscionable. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Advisor to the President Stephen Miller, together with the Department of Homeland Security, have directed Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, better known as ICE, to terrorize those seeking a better life in America. Signed by the president, a new “zero tolerance policy” gives permission to tear apart families, to put children in cages, to not tell parents where their kids are, and to send those parents back to their home countries without their children. Now, the current administration is holding these kids hostage, suggesting they might be released or the policy changed, if money for their border wall was approved. It is estimated that ICE will have 30,000 children in custody by the end of the summer. That is 30,000 kids in what amounts to a prison, or worse. The American government is committing human rights violations on our own soil. The White House continues to try and pass the blame on to anyone else and act as if this isn’t the result of all their racist dreams coming true. We refuse to stand idly by while this happens.

Many alongside us in the creative field have already expressed their shared outrage at what’s going on. Expressing your outrage is no longer enough. We all need to use any resources available to fight this. Unfortunately in our society, our voice only goes so far. In today’s American politics, money is the only thing that really moves the needle on issues like this. We as companies and businesses continue to thrive and profit off youth culture, but when the youth are under attack, do we defend them? There are children in fucking cages. It’s time to draw a line in the sand. You’re either going to continue to complain or you’re going to do something about it. We are calling on all designers, stylists, musicians, artists, writers, magazine editors and anyone else in the creative community to throw the weight of their influence and finances at this problem to free the children.

At Noah, when we call out something evil in the world, we put our money where our mouth is. To that end, we’re releasing a Free The Children shirt. It’s available for pre-order right now. All proceeds will be going to RAICES. The Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services is paying the bond of as many immigrants in detention as possible, reuniting families that are being held in ICE custody because they can’t pay the bonds averaging $5,000 to $10,000 per person. To put it plainly, the money from these shirts is going directly to getting parents released and reuniting families.

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No human is illegal, and we plan to continue to fight against the rampant racism and white nationalism being pushed by the current administration. Stephen Miller can fuck off.