Fall / Winter 2022 Suiting - Cover

Fall / Winter 2022 Suiting

We are slowly expanding suiting, mostly because we feel like we fill a small void in the space. Suiting is not just for work or weddings. A suit can be a style choice for people who don’t actually have to wear one. Suits have always been a part of the downtown NY scene and always will be. We also think there is a massive misperception that suits are uncomfortable; perhaps this goes back to the tie. Ties pull up to your neck and really tighten things up. But if you’re not wearing a tie and the cloth selection on your suit is high quality, suits can be incredibly comfortable. We sometimes travel in a suit because it is so comfortable.

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We've never been happy with what's available in the world of suiting, so we decided to do it ourselves, in a way that makes sense to us. Fall ’22 suiting fabrics come from the US, Italy, England and Scotland. Everything is made in Portugal and Italy. We wanted the clothes to stand alone without sacrificing the expertise of centuries-old weaving and tailoring traditions. The results offer a creative alternative to the cookie-cutter profile of what most people think of as a suit, and can be worn however — and wherever — you like.

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Our approach to wearing a suit is DIY. The pants and jackets work just as well as separates as they do together. Noah's suits tend to feature weightier materials, which means the jackets can almost be considered outerwear. The cuts are functional for a variety of contexts, from casual to dressy. The trousers are not an afterthought. Their design, fit, and materials are a statement unto themselves.

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