Fall Shoes 2017 - Cover

Fall Shoes 2017


Introducing two distinct styles of hand-stitched, American-made Noah shoes for fall. They come from slightly different corners of the footwear map, but are united by their hybrid aesthetics, premium materials, and solid craftsmanship.


Tri-Color Moccasin

Making our version of what is often called a blucher or oxford moccasin comes from growing up near the sea on Long Island, where the transition from summer to fall meant people’s boat shoes morphed into their fall-colored half-brothers, camp mocs. Despite the difference in traction (camp mocs have a pebbled sole, meant for padding around on pine needles and dirt instead of gripping the wet deck of a boat), the main point was aesthetic: camp mocs came in more muted tans and browns, with darker soles and laces. They looked better with jeans. They telegraphed back-to-school.

We like the added structure of the slightly bigger quarter and extra eyelets that are features of the oxford moc. We also upped the style ante by rendering it in Horween suede, in three fall tones rather than just one.


Two-Tone Penny Loafer

The penny loafer is a dark horse of 20th-century style, finding its way into multiple, often seemingly contradictory contexts without calling much attention to itself. Though the first association that may come to mind is Ivy League, it’s a shoe that’s as iconically James Dean and Michael Jackson as it is JFK. It’s so simple and functional it’s like an empty vessel--it’s up to you what you do with it.

The contrasting white vamp of our version evokes 80’s New Wave style, and takes things in a more dapper and edgy direction without sacrificing the shoe’s classic profile. It embodies our approach of seeing an item like this from a slightly different angle.