In Detail: Double Snap Board Short - Cover

In Detail: Double Snap Board Short

There is no shortage of swimwear options in the world, especially in summer. But year after year, everyone we know talks about how hard it is to find something they like. It’s either too flashy, cheaply made, or just downright ugly. The surf world, which used to be responsible for the best stuff you could find, has seemingly closed its eyes to aesthetics and is currently responsible for some truly heinous-looking gear. This climate has driven us to commit to making swimwear that delivers functional designs in silhouettes and patterns that strive for clean, timeless style. After all, when you're at the beach or pool, your swimwear is your only shot at wearing something that reflects your tastes.

Our newest silhouette is technically a board short. The double-snap closure was around long before the tie-up versions popular today, but just as functional (and, to us, better-looking). The front pockets are roomy and intended for actual use while on land, but mesh-lined so they don't balloon underwater. The back pocket offers a secure snap closure and drain vent. Perhaps most important of all, these are made from a high-quality Italian nylon that's super lightweight, extremely quick-drying, and durable enough to stand up to actual surfing, while being amazingly comfortable in or out of the water.

Photos by Ryan Struck