DIY Suits - Cover

DIY Suits

DIY. We've never been happy with what's available in the world of suiting, so we decided to do it ourselves, in a way that makes sense to us.

Since none of us need to wear one to fit in with the rest of the corporate structure, Noah's conception of what a suit should be has been different from the start. Even the word "suit," as it appears on this page, almost doesn't feel right--it conjures up images of the masses trudging to work in a uniform that’s been chosen for them.

Increasingly, there are more and more of us who are lucky enough to not be subjected to a conformist dress code at work. We're not forced to wear suits, we choose to wear them, which allows what we wear to be a combination of creative choice and utility. Noah's suits tend to feature weightier materials, which means the jackets can almost be considered outerwear. The cuts are functional for a variety of contexts, from casual to dressy. The trousers are not an afterthought. Their design, fit, and materials are a statement unto themselves.

If our approach is DIY, however, the materials and fabrication are anything but. The fabrics we’ve used this season come from some of the most reliable mills in England, and the suits are constructed by the most talented pattern makers and sewers in Italy. We wanted them to stand alone without sacrificing the expertise of centuries-old weaving and tailoring traditions. The results offer a creative alternative to the cookie-cutter profile of what most people think of as a suit.