In Detail: Diagonal Stripe Jacket - Cover

In Detail: Diagonal Stripe Jacket

At Noah, we're often impressed by the functional history of certain garments, and the anorak is a perfect example. Its pullover design and water-and-wind repelling features go all the way back to the Inuit tribes who invented it: they sewed together animal guts to make uniquely lightweight and protective coverings, often with drawstring hoods and hems, for hunting and kayaking in the spring and summer months.

Today, anoraks are often made from cotton poplin or polyester, but it occurred to us that Japanese nylon -- with its dense weave, ultra-smooth hand and high level of inherent water-repellence -- could serve as an ideal fabric for a refined update of this traditional style. Our Diagonal Stripe Jacket is a contemporary, under-the-radar anorak that delivers all the functional features of its inspiration in a clean, sporty package.

Run the sleeve of this jacket under a faucet and you'll see how competently the Japanese nylon repels water by virtue of its weave, without any need for the sprayed-on DWR coating often used on outdoor gear. Try it on and you'll feel the luxurious taffeta lining, which is meant to glide over your clothes while providing an additional, lightweight layer of insulation. The high navy collar and white zippers offer just the right quotient of preppy dash, and the diagonal stripes in warm yellow and red round out the nautical design language. When the wind whips up, tie the drawstring waist to lock in warmth, and when it starts to rain, unfurl the stowaway hood.

The inspiration for the style of this piece came from the colorful, diagonally striped sails of Sunfish, the beach-launched dinghies that have taught countless people how to sail. If you grew up near a body of water, it's likely that you've capsized one of these at some point, or at least been out in one unsupervised, for a firsthand experience of sailing's uncomplicated joys and occasionally tricky, pulse-quickening dynamics. 

We love the simplicity and directness of the Sunfish, the way it allows almost anyone to get in touch with the wind and water. We also love the enduring image of Sunfish sails gliding back and forth, animating shorelines worldwide, ushering in the summer. The Diagonal Stripe Jacket is our effort to embody this spirit in one durable, dependable, made-in-Italy anorak. Get yours soon before they're gone!