Dale Zinkowski - Cover

Dale Zinkowski

We grew up skating with Dale Zinkowski on Long Island. He was a graffiti writer when he began art school at SVA, but, after visiting the Met, became obsessed with the effects classical artists could achieve with oil paints. He set out to work in that tradition, and has dedicated his career to creating paintings that exist in an ongoing conversation with old masters. Skills and experience aside, Dale's approach to what he does gets to the core of what it means to be an artist. His dedication to his ideals, and his commitment to the tradition that inspires him, translate to a tireless work ethic that he sticks with even on days when he feels uninspired, or when his classical style seems all but ignored by today's instant media culture. He's studied in Florence, Italy, and at Grand Central Atelier, where he teaches. The results of his efforts speak for themselves, and Noah is honored to display an original work by Dale at our Flagship Store at 195 Mulberry Street in Soho, and to include a different painting of his on a t-shirt. Please check out the video above for more on Dale's inspiration and process.

Checkout Dale's Website: dalezinkowski.com