Cannonball Run: Race to the Rockaways - Cover

Cannonball Run: Race to the Rockaways

On Saturday, June 22nd, runners from across New York City toed the line for Noah’s second Cannonball Run of 2019. The start was Noah’s flagship store in Soho, and the finish was Low Tide Bar on the 97th street beach in Rockaway, Queens. At 16 miles, this was significantly longer than our previous race. Runners chose their own routes and battled the sun and heat in pursuit of victory.

Instead of an entry fee, each runner contributed a donation of their choice to benefit the Rockaway Waterfront Alliance, a community-based organization in Queens that provides enriching education and community programming to advance physical, economic and social sustainability on the Rockaway Peninsula.

First place went to Knox Robinson, who crossed the finish line at a blazing 1:35:24. Knox (who happens to be the founder and captain of the elite Black Roses NYC Running Club), got to pick where Noah would donate the first-place prize of $1,500, and he selected the Girls Gotta Run Foundation. GGRF is a non-profit that invests in girls who use running and education to empower themselves and their communities. It focuses on creating safe spaces, ending child marriage, and expanding access to secondary school for vulnerable girls, with the goal of establishing long-term pathways of self-reliance and financial resiliency.

After the race, runners congregated at the Low-Tide bar for food, drink, and friendly banter about whose Cannonball route was the quickest.

A big thank you to all of our racers and the friends and family who came out to support them! And special thanks to both Low-Tide for providing a worthy finish line and post-run gathering place, and DJ Mira Fahrenheit for keeping the vibes high all day.

Learn more about the Rockaway Waterfront Alliance or donate at:

Learn more about the Girls Gotta Run Foundation or donate at:

Photos By: Christian Brecheis / Chris Moran

Video by: Elie Parise