Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Cover

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Noah is pleased to announce the release of our collaboration with artist Arianna Margulis in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Both Arianna and we at NOAH believe in striving to keep our generation informed in engaging, thought provoking ways; it was this belief that led to a collaboration benefiting breast cancer awareness. All proceeds from t-shirt sales will go to Breast Cancer Prevention Partners. The non-profit is a leading science-based policy and advocacy organization working to prevent breast cancer by eliminating exposure to toxic chemicals and radiation. Their focus is on the intersection of breast cancer prevention and environmental health.


What's the weirdest place/thing/experience that you got inspiration from?

I once got dumped on a central park bench. He took me for a "walk" and then he told me I was throwing off his meditation schedule. I guess that was pretty weird haha.

What was the moment that made you say, "woah I made it." 

Haha have I? I guess I haven't really had that feeling yet - BUT I have to say, I had an article in the 'Talk of the Town' section of The New Yorker, and they did a caricature of me. As a cartoonist, at that moment I was fulfilled. 

What's something that would surprise people about your day-to-day? 

I have a job! I wish I could do toons full time - and hopefully I will be soon. I work in fashion visuals, I have been doing windows, prop styling, merchandising for years.

How important was building your personal brand in getting to where you are today?

A voice is everything. I try to make my art feel like it could all be found in the same book, even though the images change, style and format. I guess it was hard at first because much of what I did (although super personal) was hiding behind my art. Slowly but surely I've been bringing myself into my instagram more, in photos and video, and trying to do more off-the-gram "IRL." I notice people really respond to seeing a person attached. I'm trying to make you think of not just "her" when you think of @butlikemaybe, but a certain poppy- bright optimistic style and outlook. So when you see something of mines you know where it came from instantly. I want to be known as an artist, and not just an "instagram artist" --  although I'm beyond grateful to the platform that raised me!

What advice would you give to those looking to make their hobby-- like drawing-- become their full-time job?

Put your work out there. Get it in the universe! When I first started the instagram I DM'd everyone asking them to check out my toons. Most didn't reply, but some did - and I still have relationships with them now. Make art first, and the money will come.

How has social media impacted your work? 

In every way! Ha. The amazing thing about social media is you technically have the power to reach anyone. I can DM Beyonce. (not that she'll see it - but TECHNICALLY she could!). You have to have that mentality, that you never know. I've been surprised so many times. I have friends all over the world, we share each others work and collaborate-- and I've never even met them! 

My way of art is to make people think without thinking. To enjoy, watch and laugh while learning something secretly about oneself or the world. I believe in keeping the youth of our generation informed in an engaging, not so stiff way — so that the message isn’t simply scrolled over.

The art I’ve decided to present is a mixture of highs and lows. I joke that @butlikemaybe is my past, present and future anxieties. Some images are so simple graphicly, but endlessly thought provoking of a past love or a future hope. Some are just plain there to raise your spirits. As a whole, they are an optimistic beat of the sometimes self deprecating inward millennial gaze.

My art is hand drawn, and digitally colored - so I often show originals as I love to show the process. Just as we strive to perfect ourselves you can see the transformation in my scribbles, cross-outs and redos from my original sharpie on paper.

The shirts are now avaiable in-store and online.