Break The Chains - Tony's Chocolonely - Cover

Break The Chains - Tony's Chocolonely

Slavery still exists. It may be shocking for some people to hear this and it can be even more surprising where the practice turns up.

The chocolate industry has a tremendous amount of what Tony’s Chocolonely considers modern day slavery and, more unfortunately, many of those in forced labor are children. More than 2 million children work in illegal and dangerous conditions. What causes this is a broken supply chain where the farmers cannot make enough money to pay people and resort to exploitative behavior. There is one simple reason for this broken supply chain, human greed.

Tony’s Chocolonely is trying to change this. You can read more about slavery in the chocolate business here and learn how to help change this industry through your purchases with them. When we see a company trying to change an industry from within, we always want to support them in any way possible. Luckily, the people at Tony's Chocolonely were gracious enough to let us play with the graphics and packaging for one of their chocolate bars to help spread the word about this modern day slavery in their industry. We have some of these specially designed bars available for free at our New York flagship while supplies last, however we'd encourage you to buy something directly from them to help Tony’s break the chains of slavery in the coco industry.