Bowie Loved Christmas - Cover

Bowie Loved Christmas

David Bowie loved Christmas. In one of the greatest Christmas duets of all time Bowie performed as a special guest, alongside Bing Crosby, on what would be Crosby’s final Christmas show. Airing on CBS, November 30th, 1977, the two spoke about what they each do for their families during Christmas time, before singing “Little Drummer Boy” with a new counterpoint with written for the special, "Peace on Earth."

Seven years later, a supergroup was formed under the name “Band Aid” to record the song “Do They Know It’s Christmas?”, in reaction to television reports of the famine in Ethiopia. Bob Geldof, co-founder of the charity supergroup Band Aid remembers showing Bowie a special video that CBC cut together to support anti-famine efforts.

"We showed him the film, famine footage cut to the Cars' song Drive. He sat there in tears and said, 'Right, I'm giving up a song.' I said, 'Hang on...' I didn't want David Bowie giving up a fucking song. I mean, hello? But of course he was right. That was the moment that people said, Fuck everything, take whatever you want from me."

During the concert Bowie performed TVC15, Rebel Rebel, Modern Love, and Heroes. Then, as the band left the stage, David announced, “Let us not forget why we are here. People are still starving.” The film played and the world erupted. Phone lines rang off the hook and money flowed in. More money would be pledged after Bowie’s segment than at any other time during the concert.

Happy Holidays from Noah and the legendary David Bowie. We miss you.