Black History Tee - Cover

Black History Tee

So much of history is either incorrect or not recorded at all. The people in power decide how it will be told, and they typically choose to glorify themselves and their ideals, often while hiding the truth. Black people have been fighting this phenomenon for many years in America, and the creation of Black History Month is a small step toward righting this wrong.

BHM is a time for history to be accurately told, and for true stories to be heard, sometimes for the first time. America has a very long way to go to become the country it set out to be when it was founded. Allowing black history to be told fully and accurately is critical to our understanding of ourselves.

To honor this, Noah team member Isaac White did an illustration celebrating some of his favorite black historical figures. We're offering it in this limited edition tee, and all proceeds will be donated directly to Scope of Work.