Beachfront Tee - Cover

Beachfront Tee

INXS is one of the most progressive bands of all time. Most people I know think of them as a 90's stadium pop group. I know them as something bit different. I was exposed to them by my older brother and his crew of friends who were my surfing and skating idols. I'm not even sure if they officially qualify as New Wave, but they helped open that door for me, and probably for millions of other fans. 

The graphic is literally the original album art from the album INXS released in 1980. We've stolen it. The interesting thing about it is this. They also stole it. The cover was inspired by a Noël Coward painting called Two Nuns, and it's almost identical. I figured one good turn deserves another and if they could steal it, so could I. It may be a selfish idea, but I've always loved this graphic and have never seen it on a t-shirt. After 35 years of being a fan, I thought why not just make it ourselves.

True story. When I was 15, I got onto stage at their show at Nassau Coliseum and got my ass kicked by the bouncers. They roughed me up and threw me into the parking lot.  But the joke was on them because someone let me back in and I was at my seat 10 minutes later. A special thank your to Ryan, Kirk, Greg and Kenny for allowing me to come skate the halfpipe and learn about INXS, and additional thanks to Ryan, Garrett, Angelo, Dennis, and John for joining me in my love of INXS at a time when embracing newness was frowned upon.