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Aprix Footwear

We're not businesspeople at heart. Most of our ideas for products or designs are not born out of thinking, "We'll get rich if we make this thing." In reality, it's often the exact opposite. Conversations often go something like this: "This thing is really cool. It's super-specific and not for everyone, so we probably won't sell many, but we need to make it." If we don't, who will?

We're driven by a desire to make simple and relevant items that have a certain nuance. They don't scream for attention.

This is the approach we took when we began Aprix--to make a classic sneaker line that strove for quality construction and low-key timelessness. If we thought we'd get rich doing this, we'd be ignoring Vans and Converse, two major brands who specialize in canvas sneakers, and who both do an incredible job. But they don't provide everything we'd like to see. There are tiny spaces, culturally, that we can fill.

This is why Aprix exists. We have developed a few incredibly simple, high-quality silhouettes we're extremely proud of. There's only one problem: we don't know anything about the footwear business.

We manufacture in Portugal with high-quality materials. Aprixs are leather-lined, so they're more comfortable and substantial. These touches seemed like the best way to make sneakers to us, but it made them expensive. By the time we sold them to stores and the stores marked them up, they were no longer the right price. And in footwear, we've learned, price is everything.

With a few years behind us and some really though lessons learned, we've decided to no longer wholesale Aprix. The best result is that we can pass the savings of this decision on to you. We're pleased to announce the new pricing of Aprix.