Aprix Footwear - Time is the Ultimate Luxury - Cover

Aprix Footwear - Time is the Ultimate Luxury

These days, it's a little too easy to get wrapped up in the game of status. Every subculture has its symbols of success, from the sneakers you wear to the neighborhoods you live in; from the places you go to the type of plane you took to get there. Once you acquire one symbol, there's always another, more exclusive one to pursue.

Life's a rat race that comes at a cost most people don't acknowledge: the loss of time. You can end up with a bunch of cool stuff, but no time to enjoy it. You can acquire the means to jet off to cool places, but lack the the time to actually go.

Aprix is committed to the idea that time is the ultimate luxury. By focusing on minimally elegant design and straightforward quality of materials and construction, the shoes are intended to take on the personality of the wearer and the places he or she has been.

Chasing after stuff is no substitute for collecting memories.

The Aprix Low is now available in canvas and suede in-store and online.