Andy's Pool - Cover

Andy's Pool

John Gardners’ good friend Andy grew up near a community pool in New Jersey, one he would go swimming in as a kid. As with many spots you come across in skateboarding, there are some that just have easier access than others - and this particular pool was not one of those. For the longest time, John and his friends had dreamed of skating it but never got the chance, as the community only drained the pool once a year around Memorial Day for maintenance - after which it was swiftly refilled for the summer season.

The first brief opportunity came in 2009 and they didn't get to skate it again until 2020 when the pandemic forced the pool to close for good. Fast forward to 2023, as John gives us the breakdown on this special pool, the amount of work that goes into pool skating, and reminds us just how special some spots really are.