Black Movie Night- A celebration of Black Cinema - Cover

Black Movie Night- A celebration of Black Cinema


When was the last time you had a black movie night?
This was the question Sterling Milan posed on the evening of the 2016 Oscars. In creating "Black Movie Night" Filmmaker Sterling Milan was inspired to celebrate black cinema and give his audience an artistic alternative to watching the Oscars, which received alot of backlash due to the lack of diversity within the categories. "My thought was alot of Black folks will be tuning out of the Oscars and I wanted to give them something great to watch" Milan stated.
Choosing to shoot the film 3 weeks ago, the turn around was relatively fast. With a crew of 12 people and an Alexa Mini Camera Milan took to Harlem to create this film.
" It means alot to me to be able to make films that artistically raise the bar in black film and in return gives me the chance to speak directly to my people." Milan shared.  
Working in film for over 10 years Milan has created pieces for networks ranging from the Discovery Channel to the Food Network. When asked about his upcoming projects Milan spoke about a new 6 part series called "I am Homicide" that is set to debut in Fall 2016 on the Investigation Discovery channel. His next personal project is called BrookLove which explores identity, race, loving self and others.
See a snippet of the film here