The Revolutionizing Loro Piana Mill - Cover

The Revolutionizing Loro Piana Mill

Calling the Loro Pianas experts in high-end fabrics would be an understatement, as the Loro Piana family has been pioneers in the wool and fabrics industry since the early 1800s. Having their headquarters in Quarona, Italy, they have been in the forefront of technical innovation through centuries. 

Loro Piana is the largest cashmere and baby cashmere manufacturer in the western hemisphere. The finest and most precious fibers coming from Northern China and Mongolia, where Loro Piana has discovered and developed baby cashmere together with local herders. This exceptionally rare and soft downy fiber is separated by comb harmlessly from the goat before it is 12 months old. It can only be collected once in the goat’s life, limiting the quantities of this sought after high quality wool.

Loro Pianas meticulous and technical Storm System is created with a mix of natural fibers and the most advanced technology in order to create a perfect synthesis of waterproof and wind resistant functionalities combined with immaculate style. 

The Navy Spray Jacket
95% Wool 5% Cashmere Storm System fabric provided by the historic Loro Piana mill.
The Piana family has pushed the oldest and most utilized fabric known to human kind to the limit. With only 12 microns counted, Loro Piana has developed a type of wool that is lighter and finer than cashmere. As a result, exceptional, finesse and quality is keywords related to the carefully crafted and limited quantity of Loro Piana wool. 
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