Etnia Barcelona Sunglasses - Cover

Etnia Barcelona Sunglasses

When researching sunglasses we wanted to feature within the Noah store we were looking for the highest quality independent sunglasses makers with great style.  We  discovered that Etna would be perfect. 
Fulgencio Ramo, the grandfather and founder of Etnia Barcelona worked in factory making sunglasses in Barcelona for decades, until he one day had saved up enough money to start his own company in Poble Sec in the 1950s. 


The WLA AFRICA04 has a blend of electric colors with a funky prints
This was the birth of what later would be known as Etnia Barcelona. A sunglasses company that has managed to combine a young group of individuals who has a passion for sleek design with a hunger to create eyewear that reflects their individualistic style and their fashion forward spirit.  
The brand started their Artist line in 2012. Etnia is aiming to make their own history through art and the photography world.  Recently, the Etnia Barcelona team went on a ten-day trip to Africa with the American photographer Steve McCurry to shoot the Wild Love in Africa collection.
Etnia collaborated with Klein Blue Archives in 2012. Enhancing their expertise in colors, the collaboration created a unique touch to the Etnia sunglasses using pigment international Klein blue. This is a matte, deep blue hue, which the French artist Yves Klein first discovered.
Currently, it is David Pellicer, the grandson of Fulgencio Ramo that runs the company.