The Life of a Long Island Clammer- The Inspiration Behind the Noah Reversible sweatshirt

When I was a kid growing up on Long Island there was an entire industry for clamming. Thousands of guys made a living digging clams every day and selling them for distribution in restaurants throughout the northeast. That industry has shriveled to almost nothing due to overfishing and pollution but the memory of that time has stayed with me. I was just a kid but something about the guys going out on the water in the dead of winter appealed to me. They had pick up trucks and wind blown faces and only their dogs to keep them company. I realize now what seemed so cool to me was the freedom these guys must have felt.   Supporting themselves and their families from the bay right outside their door. I imagine the things they saw. The winter sunrises and sunsets. The birds and seals.   Images that are locked away in the memories of these baymen, not digitally stored for all eternity and all the world to share. They were a lucky few. These are the thoughts that inspired the reversible sweatshirt. I can still see them in their Carhartt pants and sweats and flannels. I suppose a heavy sweat was a better choice than a jacket considering how hard the work was. The freedom of movement and comfort it provided while working the tongs to bring up the days catch.  I hope there are a few hearty souls out there who can still put this sweat to the test.