Human Rights - Cover

Human Rights

As the singer for the greatest hardcore punk rock band of all time, the Bad Brains, HR aka Human Rights pushed himself to the limit to deliver his message of rebellion and positivity. 

On Bad Brains albums he was often credited as "throat" but HR was much more than that. He was an electric body, hurtling himself into his audience and doing back flips at shows as a way to express his love for his music and his message. He was also a thought leader who sang about oppression, justice and having a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) in the face of violence and insanity. 

This spirt of defiance has powered our Human Rights tee. We hope it encourages you to look around and see what you can do to improve yourself and the world around you. 

This piece was written by Elliot Aronow, who writes a weekly style x music column for GQ

He's also the Creative Director for Jacques-Elliott, his own style x music brand that makes awesome ties everyone should check out. 

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