Paraboot Shoes - Cover

Paraboot Shoes

Rugged and stylish, Paraboots were born when the company’s founder discovered boots and latex during a trip to America and decided to combine the best elements of each upon his return to France. 
Over 100 years later, Paraboots are still handmade in France using old school constructions and rubber soles, a true rarity in the footwear business. Over 150 manual operations are required to bring each new pair into the world. That’s a lot of love for one pair of boots
Paraboot is run by the family now in it's third generation. Paraboot supplies the French navy with boat shoes and has seen the peak of Mount Everest, most notably on the feet of French explorer Emile Victor.
Powered by a comfortable silhouette, impeccable finish and timeless appeal Paraboots are in a class of their own. 
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Written by: 
Elliot Aronow