Superdopehypeincredible - Cover


At Noah, we've always been about family and we always will be.

When I met Chris Gibbs, we were both working in downtown New York in the 90s. He was a great guy and I respected his unique approach to life and style. We became good friends. When he moved to LA we kept in touch, and eventually his wife, Beth, ended up introducing me to her best friend, Estelle, who became my wife.

I was honored when he asked to feature NOAH for an episode of his series SUPERDOPEHYPEINCREDIBLE. We went for a little run downtown, and then I had a chance to introduce the UNION team to some of the new family here at NOAH.

From the start I was never really interested in a wholesaling model - they can get too large, too uncontrollable, and most importantly, too impersonal. The way we work now is great, and that's why I'm happy to make Chris' UNION LA an exception to the rule. Chris and I are like family, and our stores are extensions of ourselves, it's only natural that UNION should be a home for NOAH on the West Coast.