George Cox - Cover

George Cox

In 1906, a former brewer, George J. Cox, converted a set of public baths into a shoe factory, and founded the company that still bears his name today. From the outset, George Cox was committed to innovative design, and high quality craftsmanship. The factory was in Northamptonshire, the traditional home of English shoemaking, and Cox worked to combine traditional techniques like Goodyear welting, with new materials like crepe soles, and ponyhair. 

The Teddy Boys were the first to adopt the brothel creeper. It became the foundation of their uniform. The Teddy Boys did everything in their Creepers from fighting pitched battles by the seaside with rival gangs to strolling down the King's Road in London. When the Teddy Boy style fell out of fashion, the clothes faded but Cox's designs remained. 

George Cox shoes have remained an integral part of everything from The Teddy Boys to the Rockers to the Punks. Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren sold George Cox shoes in their shop, and the shoes soon made their way onto the feet of some of their most famous customers like Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious. 

Here at Noah, we have a deep respect for the history of George Cox, and we are proud to announce our collaboration with this iconic shoemaker on a range for our Summer collection. Cox's famous Popboy has been made in three exclusive colors and mounted on the classic crepe sole. The shoes have the same bulletproof Goodyear Welt construction as all other Cox classics, but the soft powder colors and suede are exclusive to us here at Noah. Let these be the foundation of your summer.

Available Thursday, April 21st in limited quantities in-store and online for $298.