A Good Pair of Socks

It takes a certain type of person to get excited about a good sock. Greatness in socks comes down to a few simple things.

First, they have to be comfortable, which means high-quality cotton and good knitting machines. Durability is next--they need to stand up to wear and washing without shedding, and keep their shape and elasticity so they don't fall down. Somehow, we've managed to achieve the standard I've been looking for. They are worth every penny when you realize, a year or two (or more) from now, that you haven't had to replace them.

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NOAH - A Good Pair of Socks
  • Cotton

    100% Recycled Cotton

  • Origin

    USA (Los Angeles)

  • Weight

    6.5 oz

  • Features

    Structured, Yarn-Dyed, Durable, Crisp