NDWA was established to help a vast and important work force that has been especially hard-hit by Coronavirus conditions and restrictions: domestic workers. Despite their numbers (over 2.5 million in the US), these professional nannies, house-cleaners and home care professionals struggle to earn a living wage, and are often exempt from workplace protections. NDWA gives them a voice, and is currently administering a relief fund for its many members who find themselves unemployed or otherwise impacted. 

Sea Shepherd is no stranger to confrontation, fighting on behalf of our oceans where others will not. Their work has led to stricter regulations for American tuna fishing, an Irish ban on drift netting, a complete disruption of the Japanese commercial whaling practice in the Antarctic, the exposing of the Ecuadorian Shark Fin Mafia, and the entire European Union banning seal products to curb illegal seal hunting.

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