Fire Island played a major role in my youth, from my early days at Atlantique (where I learned to Boogie Board) to my late teen years (where my time was spent mostly drinking and trying to meet girls). The Schooner, Maguires, The Kismet Inn were my watering holes, along with the occasional trip to Cherry's for one of their famous frozen drinks. Many of my friends worked there, and some still do today. If you make it to Point O Woods ask for Angelo. He'll be the insanely tan guy making sure you don't drown. Our team took an early-season trip out to Kismet to experience the island stuck in time.

The beauty of Kismet is that if you can drive to Robert Moses and park at field 5, you're only a 15-minute walk due East from experiencing this classic beach community. Have lunch at The Inn, which was established in 1925. I recommend the stuffed clams.