Fabric#Selvedge Denim

Content: 100% cotton

Fabric Origin: USA, Japan

Weight: 13oz

Features: Densely woven, pigment dyed, rinse washed for minimal shrinkage.

Selvedge or “self-edge” denim was the standard for American jeans in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, but the wooden looms used to produce it were rendered obsolete as industrial production grew to accommodate a burgeoning global denim market. Recent decades have seen a selvage revival, however, due to its higher-density weave, use of high-grade cottons, and the subtle textural variations the wooden looms produce. Japanese denim factories are recognized leaders in selvedge production, and a few specialized American mills have kept up the traditions they started a century ago. Selvedge’s toughness is a must for quality jeans, and its unique characteristics become more evident with age.