MIJ Puma Clyde - Cover

MIJ Puma Clyde

Made in Japan has come a long way. After the second world war, Japan became a low-cost manufacturing hub for multiple industries—notably footwear. A certain sneaker company started out by selling its Japan-made wares in its infancy, taking advantage of the relatively high margins it could make by saving money on production. By the 1980s, Japan started making American sportswear even better than America could. As its manufacturing progressed, there was a strong focus on the preservation of craft and an emphasis on quality, rather than sheer output. There was an emphasis on details like shuttle-loomed selvedge denim and traditionally-tanned leather and suede.

Now, “Made in Japan” is synonymous with artisanal production and the forefront of fashion. Like the country itself, Japan reflects an equal embrace of centuries-old heritage and innovative modernity. This Noah x PUMA Clyde represents that balance perfectly. The upper is made from a material created by the only expert tannery specialized for Suede leather in Japan, and the color dye comes from a painstaking process based on an age-old technique. This exclusive pair comes with a lookbook showcasing our upcoming collaboration with one foot in the future, and one foot in the past.

NOAH - SS23 - Puma MIJ - 01 NOAH - SS23 - Puma MIJ - 02
NOAH - SS23 - Puma MIJ - 03 NOAH - SS23 - Puma MIJ - 04
NOAH - SS23 - Puma MIJ - 05 NOAH - SS23 - Puma MIJ - 06