Jumping Someone Else's Train - The Cure

1980 NYC Live Performance - Hurrah Nightclub
The Cure has been my favorite band for over 31 years. Jumping Someone Else's Train is the first song I ever heard. Everyone has a story like this I'm guessing. I was at a house party I should not have been at. I was the youngest person there by far. I went with my good friend Martin who was a year older and also the guy who got me into loads of situations I shouldn't have been in. Looking back now, I realize Martin was the most interesting and creative of all my friends. It was Martin who inspired the name Pervert. He used to shout it at anyone who tried to stop us from having whatever fun we were having. They'd ask us to stop skating or be quiet or something and Martin would just shout "beat it ya pervert" and laugh like a lunatic. He inspired us all to live every day like a movie and try just about anything regardless of the potential consequences. This was all at a time where we were really getting serious about skating and surfing. He actually played this song for me because he thought it sounded surfy. Unfortunately Martin didn't make it through the gauntlet of youth. Whenever I hear The Cure I think of Martin and the crazy shit he used to do. He still inspires me today. I'm thankful to have known him and thankful for the things he introduced me to, especially The Cure.