Fall/Winter 2016 Lookbook

As we launch Noah’s third season, we’re approaching nearly a year in business -- a year in which we got to see our brand vision come to life. We’ve had the chance to make the things we really wanted to make, using some of the best materials and craftspeople in the world, and in a way that is sustainable and respectful of everyone involved. Most importantly, we’ve had a chance to meet you, our customers. If you’ve come into our shop or visited us online, you’ve played a part in creating the Noah community, and we are truly grateful for your support. We’ve also got some exciting things in store for you in the coming year.

Our Fall/Winter 2016 Lookbook offers an overview of the evolutionary approach that defines what we do. You’ll see familiar fabrics employed in new ways, and traditional silhouettes energized by smart details. You’ll see some rare and underappreciated materials put to contemporary use. You’ll see an eclectic collection unified by our commitment to making things the right way, so that its individual pieces become part of your life, things you’ll wear for years.

Our mission continues to be bringing the values we espouse in our personal lives to Noah’s products and professional ecosystem. This means taking a stand against many of the appalling practices of the fashion industry, speaking out from time to time on issues we care about, and treating our employees, contractors and customers like we treat our families. We thank you again for helping us build a company where we’ve actually been able to achieve this, and look forward to continuing to make Noah synonymous with these ideals.